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What's Up Moustache?

There's always some interesting information coming out of Hollywood, here's some that caught my eye.

First, footage of Keanu Reeves training on a shooting range for John Wick 2. We see him engage multiple targets at varying distances, transitions from his primary weapon to his sidearm and a shotgun, all with speed and precision.

A lot of work went in to the first movie and it showed, John Wick was very successful and very popular with movie goers. Now, those working on the sequel are going to have to work really hard considering how high they set the bar with the first movie. Unfortunatley we have to wait until February 2017 to see John Wick 2. Also out in February is Fifty Shades Darker, a watered down porno courtesy of a Twilight fan fiction writer, The Lego Batman Movie, a spin off of The Lego Movie and The Mountain Between Us starring Charlie Hunnam and Margot Robbie. If John Wick 2 lives up to its predecessor I don't think it will have any trouble with its competition come February.

According to Variety, the Jump Street/MIB crossover is going ahead. Writing this I still find myself thinking WTF? This crossover idea is more weird and random than that South Park episode where the Elephant and the Pig have sex!

Now the first two MIB movies were awesome; action, comedy, sci-fi, buddy cop movies at their best. MIIIB or MIB 3 was a train wreck that should be burried with the E.T. video game, which is why Sony is looking to reboot the franchise. And the Jump Street movies? Mediocre would be a compliment! Now the project hasn't been officially green lit, but the studio apparently want to start filming in the summer and with Tatum and Hill set to return it looks like a sure thing. There's no word on Tommy Lee Jones or Will Smith's involvement but I'm guessing it's unlikely.

What would the plot be anyway? Agents J and K show up at the Jump Street office; "hi, aliens exist and we need two idiots to go undercover in a High School for aliens". Or are they going to discover alien activity in a High School? Which is when MIB appear and instead of neuralising them, the MIB recruit them instead. Either way it sounds like someone at Sony is using a dart board to come up with ideas.

Now some good news, J.K. Simmons has been cast as Commissioner Gordon in The Justice League Part 1. There are currently no details reguarding his role but hopefully it goes beyond one movie. Not much is known about The Justice League Part 1 other than the team will face an incredibly powerful enemy that threatens Earth. It's difficult to speculate when you haven't seen Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad or Wonder Woman, all of which are scheduled to be released first. What we do know is J.K. Simmons is a brilliant actor and he can pull off a moustache, which he proved in Sam Raimi's Spiderman movies.

Finally, Luke Skywalker might be gay, or some other characters in the Star Wars universe. Recently JJ Abrams has suggested that there will be openly gay characters in future movies. The odds on favourite is Poe Dameron, he may possibly enter in to a relationship with Finn.

This has led to speculation that Luke Skywalker might be gay, which Mark Hamill believes is up to the viewer to decide. But we all know from the prequel trilogy that Jedi who are in relationships are very bad news. One Jedi gets married in secret and all of a sudden the Sith take over the Galaxy! Apparently there's a reason why love is forbidden for Jedi. Granted we've never seen Luke in a relationship of any kind, although he looked pretty happy when Lea kissed him in The Empire Strikes Back. There's thirty years between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, apart from Luke training Ben Solo and going in to exile we don't know what he's been up to. Some say he's Rey's father, others believe Han and Lea are her parents. Personally I find it hard to believe that any of them would see fit to abandon Rey in the way she was. She would more likely be entrusted to Maz Kanata (Lupita Nyong'o) or Lor San Tekka (Max von Sydow). But is the sexual orientation of characters in the Star Wars universe really an issue? Or is it something that Hollywood types mention to appear tolerant or diverse? Maybe it's because I've been a Star Wars fan since I was a kid I don't see this as an issue. I certainly don't have a problem with there being gay characters, even gay relationships, perhaps movies about a galaxy uniting to defeat evil is a good way to promote equality and diversity...who knows?

Please feel free to leave a comment and share your opinions on anything discussed in this post.


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